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The PRISM editors have prepared this primer, posted here in three parts, in line with the growing concern and interest of many anti-imperialist groups about the rapid growth of fascist forces in the context of increasingly violent imperialist rule and the socio-political impacts of the current global capitalist crisis. This is Part 1.

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Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Editorsʼ note: This major restatement and key analytical updates by Jose Maria Sison on the modern historical phenomenon of fascism is posted here in relation to the launch of the three-month global campaign of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) as “fightbackˮ against the resurgent tides of fascism in many countries. His article covers a basic review of the basic concepts of state power, of certain features that would grow and combine to develop in the era of imperialism as fascism, and key developments in the Philippines that mirror these global trends. Sison is the chairperson emeritus of the ILPS.

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Women protest vs Bolsonaro

PRISM Editor’s note: This statement by the International League of People’s Struggle, originally circulated on 2 November 2018, was reissued by the Office of the ILPS Chairperson on 4 November with slight revisions. We are posting this reissued version.

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